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March 7, 2011

“Come closer, I’ve got stuff to tell you” We just know too much champagne and sparkling wine to keep quiet about it.  And we have to admit that although champagne and sparkling wine is always our first choice, we also have been known to open up a bottle or two of wine.  We love eating good food that compliments champagne and wine– okay, so often that food is chocolate.  Is that so bad?

ChampagneGossip shares what’s happening at the different champagne houses in France as well as others’ in Europe and around the globe. And here stateside we will continue the gossip, I mean sharing of interesting and fun things about what is happening in the sparkling wine industry in Napa Valley, Sonoma and other regions in the US including northern Michigan… you know-everywhere that’s anywhere. Then, if you’re travelling, you can make a stop (or two) at one of the champagne/sparkling wine houses and join in the tours and have even more fun.

We will include enticing recipes to create [easy] gourmet dishes and desserts, as well as suggestions for interesting chocolates, fruits and cheeses  that compliment certain well-loved champagnes and sparkling wines.

Also, keep your eye out for articles, books, video, music, art, and travel , and some mp3 interviews with those in the know in the champagne and wine world.  We just love good gossip, don’t you?

Oh– and please remember, we only think we know it all.  We absolutely love any suggestions, recommendations, and advice you have to offer. Thank you~Merci for leaving us a comment or emailing.

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