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October 4, 2011

"Holly Go Lightly Party" by Vivienne Strauss




“Ya gotta have art, all you really need is art” As I have been envisioning this blog (for too long a time now) I wanted not only to provide educational and interesting information about champagnes and sparkling wines but include other things, stuff, finds, call it what you will that would make you feel pretty and fun and smart and happy and joyfulness and peaceful when you looked at them.  I have built up quite a clip file now.  While designing this blog, I contacted a few artists whose work I had found online that brought up some of the feelings mentioned.
Sooooo, I contacted them and asked if they would agree to let me use their art on this site.  They all were very gracious and I am grateful.  To me their art is lovely, pretty, makes me smile and reminds me that yes, I do need to travel more, learn about new places and experience new sparkly things… I am happy to share opt’s (other people’s talents) with you and hope that you too enjoy them as much as I do.  And yes of course, head over to their websites to see more of their art or books or music and purchase some if you will. “Thank you very much” (quoting here from the book Eloise at the Plaza”)

"Pink Cherubs" by Anne Harwell

"Pink Cherubs" by Anne Harwell

‘Pink Cerub’s by artist Anne Harwell is our featured image for the category of Books Art & Music.  When I found Anne’s Etsy shop I fell in love with not only  ‘Pink Cherubs’  but a few others that are now hanging in my home.   If you click on the thumbnail, a window will open and you’ll be at Anne’s shop or you can just look and enjoy it here-“think pink, it’s a better way of  life.”   Oh, and one more thing, those that follow the Detroit Tigers baseball team (as I do) will know and remember the “voice of the Tigers”  Ernie Harwell, yes,  Anne is his granddaughter…


Champagne Shopping by Carol Gillott

Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast is a world traveler with stops in Paris 4 times a year.  When you visit her blog it is so evident that Carol has captured Paris.  Her watercolors are inspired from the thousands of photographs she takes to create these wonderful paintings that make you wonder why you are not in Paris sipping champagne and enjoying a croissant with her. I guarantee that once you visit you will bookmark it to visit often. Sometimes I just go to her site to look, read and imagine what it would be like to taste the beautiful pastries she has photographed on her site while visiting the Paris flee markets looking for special and sparkly finds, which of course would include champagne capsules…  And if you want to have a portrait of your dog or cat in Paris, Carol can paint you a beauTiful portrait.

Holly GoLighty Party by Vivienne Strauss

'Holly GoLightly Party' by Vivienne Strauss

Vivienne Strauss’s painting “None of the Girls Would Dream of Missing Evangeline Boatwright’s Annual Holly Golightly Party took me right in to this quirky wonderful painting (and yes, the print is hanging in my house).  Immediately I was Audrey Hepburn, wearing the perfect little black dress, sipping champagne and listening to all the gossip at Evangeline Boatwright’s party, it was just too perfect for Champagne Gossip.  I can just image the stories and don’t we all just love a good story?  Certainly visit Vivienne’s Esty shop and view more of her wonderful paintings.

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