Evangeline Boatwright’s Holly Golightly Party

October 5, 2011

"Holly GoLightly Party" by Vivienne Strauss

"Holly GoLightly Party" by Vivienne Strauss

Vivienne Strauss’s painting “None of the Girls Would Dream of Missing Evangeline Boatwright’s Annual Holly Golightly Party– took me right in to this quirky wonderful painting (and yes, the print is hanging in my house).  Immediately I was Audrey Hepburn, wearing the perfect little black dress, sipping champagne and listening to all the gossip at Evangeline Boatwright’s party, it was just too perfect for Champagne Gossip.  I can just image the stories and don’t we all just love a good story?  Certainly visit Vivienne’s Esty shop  www.etsy.com/shop/vivstrauss and view more of her wonderful paintings.

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