Champagne Baubles Champagne Baubles Champagne Cap Jewelry


Jewelry with Champagne Caps! Who has heard of such a thing?  When I discovered the art work on champagne caps, I was memorized.  The designs, images, fonts and colors on the muselet et capsules (plaque de muselet) is fascinating to me.-they are works of art that the champagne/sparkling wine houses display there brands on.  This blog Champagne Gossip is our sister site to ChampagneBaubles~ChampagneCapCouture where our jewelry designed with champagne caps is for sale.

Once you start to look at the art on the champagne capsules I think you will be impressed and want to be part of this new trend.  One of my favorite things to do is combine the muselet et capsules together either by color, brand or design to design a bracelet, earrings or pin that I think you will love.  The caps are set in a 14k gold or silver tone setting with four Swarovski crystal stones set in the bezel to compliment the colors in the caps. And because we just love, love, love the reverse side of the bracelet, we are working on a clasp that will allow the bracelets to be reversible.

Yes, of course you can send us your personal champagne capsules to use in the jewelry. We do it often to commemorate a special occasion:  Congratulations; Wedding; Anniversary; Wine Clubs; Remembrance of tour of champagne/sparkling wine houses; Job promotion; Divorce; ‘Didn’t we have fun last night’; etc.  Just send us your caps and we will design something beauTiful. (the form is on

Champagne Baubles~Champagne Cap Jewelry is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiasts or just because they are so darn unique, pretty and have a giant “cool” factor. Champagne Baubles~Champagne Cap Couture Get in on the trend…