Behind the Bottle Series

October 3, 2011

Champagne do Castellane

Behind the Bottle

“We love Champagne” You know we love a good story here on Champagne Gossip. If I hadn’t become so intrigued with the art work on champagne caps and started Champagne Baubles~our jewelry line designed with champagne caps, I would of been a history teacher.  I really enjoy imaging the events or moments from the viewpoint of the person and people whose lives were affected by the events of  the day.  The story of champagne’s history is strong and soooo interesting with the who, what, where and why I can’t wait to share “Behind the Bottle.”  Naturally we will talk about the tastes of champagne and sparkling wines, but this is Champagne Gossip and we want to share with with you the stories, the history, the gossip of the industry…  Weekly we will be writing about a particular champagne or sparkling wine house and include educational, informative and fun facts for you to impress your friends with. This is going to be so much more than just talking about the type of grape used in the wine and why you should drink out of a flute rather than those beautiful etched round champagne glasses from the 1940’s. We’ll be taking about what happened and what is happening not only in the bottle but “Behind the Bottle.”

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