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April 14, 2011

Perhaps it was the champagne….

Do you collect anything?   One of the things I collect are champagne capsules.  I am fascinated by the graphics, logos, colors and pictures that the champagne and sparkling wine houses put on these small metal caps displaying their brands.  I consider them small works of art.  The metal piece that I am referring to is under the wire cage protecting the cork during the  fermentation process when bottling   champagne and sparkling wine.  The cap helps “keep it all in”  with the musellete (wire cage) that bears down on the cork during the process. Otherwise, you would have corks popping and bottles breaking.

This really is how I have learned about champagne, sparkling wines, related places, books, music, and other ‘sparkling’ things through my interest in the champagne capsules. I have a jewelry line Champagne Baubles, jewelry designed with champagne caps,  http://www.cbjshop.com/ I don’t consider myself a connoisseur on the art of drinking champagne..yet.  But I am having lots of fun learning and developing my palett.

I have two wonderful children, Max and Whitney who are represented in my bracelet along with my dog Freckles.  My husband Kent is on a necklace.  I thought it best to show you my family via champagne caps, you just have to use your imagination…

I live in Michigan, north of Detroit. I know it is not wine country, but I will travel.  In fact there is a winery in northern Michigan (Leelanau Peninsula) L. Mawby who makes sparkling wines- more about them in another post.  I like to learn, travel, cook, dine and sip with my family and friends.  Meet new people.  I like to be by the water.  I like dogs and kittys.  And, I like to collect stuff, some people say I have way too much stuff (maybe, just maybe they are right).  I love being a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend.   Surrounded by my family and friends I like to be by the water, sip something bubbly, eat a fresh meal, take a walk and just be.  Now that is a ‘ sparkle’ day.

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It is so nice of you to meet me, my new friend.

Compliments of the Season,
Gwenn Lund
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